The Dead Blues Club release a debut album Vol. 1

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The Dead Blues Club is a solo project from Devious Dogs’ guitarist, singer, and songwriter Richard Gray.

Life can be full of twists and turns, ups and downs. For a true musician, performing or writing music can be the only way out and the only thing that can heal and provide them some level of peace when life is falling apart. Richard Gray has a story to tell capturing all of his feelings, and experiences during turbulent times in his life in The Dead Blues Club’s debut album “Vol. 1”.

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In addition to being a gifted songwriter, Richard Gray is a multi-instrumentalist. He performs on a wide range of instruments, including guitars, bass guitar, electric organ, keyboards, synthesisers, drums, and vocals. He’s the captain of the ship but there are other people involved in making of this record such as Devious Dogs bandmate Sam Bollands performing additional keys/organs, and longtime collaborator Kenny Thompson playing drums on two of The Dead Blues Club’s debut songs, ‘The Bridge’, and ‘Cosmonaut’.

Richard’s talents extend even to mixing and mastering. Being able to write songs and do everything else at once is a lot to process. It deserves nothing but respect. This album was partially recorded at Gospel Oak Studio in the UK because he left the country after finishing the majority of the vocals. He currently resides in Ishikawa Prefecture in Japan, where he also worked on the album’s mixing and mastering. While living there, he continues to write new music.

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