The DePatie Melt have released a new Celtic-themed song called “Paladins’ Song”

The DePatie Melt John DePatie

Guitarist, composer, and songwriter John DePatie with his group The DePatie Melt has released his 6th single, PALADIN’S SONG. Put on your knight armor and make the most of your day!

Los Angeles-based guitarist John DePatie knows best how to make his instrument communicate without words and tell a story. “Paladins’ Song” is a wonderful composition that quickly establishes the mood, allows the guitar to fully shine as an instrument, and it’s one of those songs that will elevate your spirits. Hit the play button because this will become your morning soundtrack.

Listen to “Paladins’ Song” on Spotify

The song opens with the sweet sounds of an acoustic guitar and multiple electric guitars played by John DePatie, and it quickly transports you into the song’s glory. “Paladins’ Song” was composed working alongside with Aaron Bagley on bass and mixing the track, and Todd Wolf on drums. DePatie enjoys writing music in whatever manner that appeals to him, and the name of the group The DePatie Melt implies that we’re here to perform music we like playing, that the lineup of the group may vary with new members, and that other brilliant artists can join part in certain projects.

Thoughts on Paladins’ Song from DePatie:

“When people hear the name of the song I’m often asked if I played Dungeons & Dragons as a kid. I did for a time and that was the first time that I heard the term. I thought the song sounded like a knight putting on his armor, getting ready to fight and defend. I wanted the song to be the kind of thing that someone would put on first thing in the morning to get charged for their day.”⁣—John DePatie

“Paladins’ Song” was released on May 6 and is currently accessible as a free download on for anybody who signs up for his newsletter.

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