The Dionysus Effect Firmly Establishes Themselves As A Band To Watch Closely With Their Latest ‘DARRYL’

Having first encountered the music from the NY based rock trio The Dionysus Effect I can safely say I am impressed. From the opening riff I was hooked. It felt like a callback to 90’s pop punk. I guess to be more specific, the opening riff reminded me of King Missile’s “Detachable Penis”, before the hard thumping drums kick in, and the song erupts into a full on assault of the senses. I was wonderfully overwhelmed taking in this band’s sound. The had infected me, much like a vampire does, and I was not seeking a cure.

From the moment the song kicks it up to “11”, the riffs get gnarlier, the drums beat harder and faster, and Christoph Paul’s lyrics become more evocative and engaging. This song has me won over quite frankly. After engrossing myself in it quite a few times, I found myself searching out their other music, and was even more pleased with my discoveries, but I’ll save that for a separate article. We are here to solely discuss ‘DARRYL’. This is truly a magnificent song that invigorates its listeners forcing them to become energized. That’s a good thing.

The Dionysus EffectThe Dionysus Effect / Publicity photo

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You can take someone who has a permanent “sourpuss” on their face, place them in a venue, and when The Dionysus Effect hits the stage performing ‘DARRYL’, you will see that puss dissipate. This song is infectious. The beat kicks in courtesy of Brett Peterson and you’re instantly moving your head in rhythm. Sean Quinn Hanley’s nasty guitar riffs invade your body as you feel the electricity they emanate. Christoph Paul’s rapturous vocals and sizzling bass play top of this triumvirate of greatness leaving the audience spent as they sit in their own sweat. This is a band to definitely keep your attention on.

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