The Disarmed Have Charged Forth With An Immaculately Structured Opus ‘What We Leave’

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‘What We Leave’ is so masterfully composed as The Disarmed guide us through their wide range of musical talents. Expertly navigating through the gentler and melodic opening of ‘Idle Hands’ before ripping into the heavier fare at the :48 second mark. Bobby Kolman emphatically shows his stellar vocal range by expertly traversing the song’s changing structure. It’s really masterful to behold. Then they go into the heavier, almost “punkesque” stylings of ‘Holy Ground’. It’s really remarkable to hear what this band is capable of, although I feel they’ve barely scratched the surface when it comes to what they are going to bring to the table.

The band is armed with an embarrassment of riches. From Bobby’s awe-inspiring vocal range guiding us through stellar song after stellar song, to Morgan Harris intoxicating guitar riffs that send shivers up the spine or Doug Hair’s mesmerizing bassline that he lays ingeniously throughout this epic album and finally, there is Zach Dresch’s pulse-pounding drums that are a driving force behind this album. His drum breakdown during ‘Moment In Time’ is the stuff legends are made of. Just f’ing thrilling.

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This band is quoted as saying, “What We Leave Behind confronts the impermanence of life and legacy”. That’s some heavy thinking. It’s apropos as the album has a real weightiness and grandiose feel to it. I don’t use the word epic loosely, but The Disarmed latest definitely is deserved of that moniker. This here is an album worthy of your time, but the real question instead should be are YOU worthy to listen to it. It’s a grand album to take in and become immersed with, not an album to passively listen to in passing. There are gems hidden within gems on this album and discovering them would serve as quite the adventure. A riff that might strike you different the second time around or a note Bobby hits that you might have previously missed.

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