The Fades drop two powerful songs ‘Lost My Job’ & ‘Time is Right’ at a time when we are all facing hardships

The FadesThe Fades / Publicity photo

London based Post-Punk rock band The Fades release two powerful songs which talk about the struggle of people losing their jobs and how the new year is a time for many to start looking for new employment.

The start of a new year is traditionally a time of hope for a better future and new commitments, but for many it starts with losing a job, forcing them to hunt for a new one. If you feel from time to time that you are starting from scratch again, then you are not alone.

The Fades sing about these struggles as the cost of living is rising, and the fact that tanks are currently running through wheat fields in Ukraine does not help either. Dave, the lead singer, tells us that in order to make ends meet, he had to sell a lot of cool stuff on Ebay. Now that’s sad, but for many real musicians, struggles come and go, but music never stops, and I’m inviting you to listen to these beautifully crafted songs right now.

Listen to ‘Lost My Job’ & ‘Time is Right’ on Spotify

‘Time is Right’, on the other hand, works in the opposite direction and will help you shake off the January blues.

Visually, the artworks of these songs have hit the top ten. The style in which the dancing zombies/ghouls are drawn fits in very well with the music. Probably because there are wind instruments playing. It’s just my audiovisual thought. Thanks to Jimp for these illustrations.

The Fades - Lost My Job Time is RightArtwork by Jimp

Songs were recorded at Brixton Hill Studios by Stephen ‘Stuffy’ Gilchrist, mixed by Jon Clayton and mastered by Pete Maher. These are songs from their forthcoming new album set for release sometime in 2022. Stay tuned!

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