The Fair Attempts drag you in the ruins of the future in ‘Signals’

The Fair AttemptsPhoto by Ville Nieminen

The Fair Attempts is a Finnish industrial rock band from Tampere, and they will please every fan of dark electronica with their third full length album ‘Signals’.

The Fair Attempts has you covered with a set of songs from cinematic and ethereal tunes to hard-hitting beats that compel you to dance. With tracks that sit in the realms of rock, metal, and pure electric signals that pierce your senses like a hot knife through butter, their third record, ‘Signals’, offers listeners a little bit of everything.

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This album has a narrative in every song in addition to just being a powerful energy booster. The band invites you to the present and what’s to come with the opening track, ‘The Sun Undefeated’, while also leaving some echoes from the past—the previous album.

The band is made up of Friendly Timo on vocals and instruments, and Starwing (female vocals). In fact, Starwing is writing a series of novels called ‘Machine Dreaming’ that is based on the world of The Fair Attempts. The second book, ‘Technological Shaman’, is the one which has a connection to the ‘Signals’ album and Friendly Timo’s outfit. ‘Signals’ is a great industrial rock album where most of the songs have choruses that are instantly memorable, hooks that stick in your head, and melodies that perfectly round out the sound spectrum and add the essential emotion. It’s a perfect party starter, party booster, and music while pumping some iron at the gym. Listen to it, and you’ll find a place for it in your life.



‘Signals’ is available for streaming and downloading since November 15, 2021.

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