The Gloom Releases An Epic Sounding Synth Infused Masterpiece ‘Requiem (for Joan of Arc)’

The GloomPhoto by Michal Shanny

If you find yourself yearning to delve back into the synth heavy sounds of 80’s New Wave, but have no idea the best way to quench your thirst, fear not for I have the ultimate solution. Enter ‘The Gloom’, a modern band that allows just enough of its inspirations to infect their beautiful sound. From the opening of this track, I was pulled in and there was no escaping the fact that I was in full on fandom mode.

The opening chords are recorded so perfectly with a tenor that sounds like heaven to the ears, and when Yoav Landau’s dulcet voice traipses about his infectious lyrics you find yourself fully engaged. Hold up though, there is so much more to fall in love within this track. The synths, I can’t say enough about them. They add an epic gravitas to the song which immediately escalates it into masterpiece level. Add in the drums, and you find yourself amidst a song the encapsulates everything you loved about the New Wave sound of the 80’s while at the same time breathing a fresh new life into that genre of the past.

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Yoav Landau is a true musical genius that has crafted a uniquely anthemic sound with ‘Requiem (for Joan of Arc)’. I feel this track throughout the entirety of my body and find so many parts that I want to constantly hear on repeat. Having handled the programming and production of this song as well as the vocals, guitars, bass, and Synths Yoav Landau has proven himself to be a true musical prodigy. He’s that rare artist that once I’ve heard what he brings to the table, that I will definitely be on the look for whatever other wonderful pieces of music that he’ll put out into the world.

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