The Graft Grooves & Shakes With Infectiously Poppy New Track ‘Birkenstock’

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My rule of thumb when I’m introduced to new music is whether I can connect with it or not. That is my personal barometer. Albeit, that is probably most people’s standard when it comes to new music. From the opening of ‘Birkenstock’ I knew I was instantly digging the sounds that I was hearing, but through finding out the genesis of the song, I knew it was one I can connect with. I’ll come back to that though.

The sound of ‘The Graft’ drew me in. This is my personal opinion, but it’s as if someone took 60’s surfer rock, 60’s brit pop, and fused them both with a dash of indie punk. That’s what ‘The Graft’ sounds like to me, and I love them for it. I found myself energized and tapping my foot along with the beat. Whatever they were selling I for sure was buying. They exude fun and have that energy that commands you, as an audience member, to move with an equal amount of energy. Going back to their sound I almost felt the need to look around to see if there were ladies in poodle skirts or lads in mod suits. (idea for a music video should they need one).

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Peter’s vocals sound wonderful as his British accent shines through his performance giving it that extra “oomph”. The fast-paced battering of the drums by Calvin keeps this stellar track moving steadfast as Rob’s stylistic guitar play injects a copious amount of energy into the track and Sam’s bass play adds a sense of intensity. NOW, back to the genesis of the song being relatable. Reading up on it, the song’s origin stems from a relationship that revolved around moving to Scandinavia in search of sandal wearing love. The relationship remained perfect amidst the warmth of the midnight sun. As winter waned though the relationship broke down. THAT is where the relating is. We’ve all done stupid things for love. Gone to great lengths only for it to prove fruitless in the end. Anyway, ‘The Graft’, I dig them and their sound.  Look forward to more.

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