The Hell Beings unleash their newest single ‘Court of Appeal’

The Hell BeingsPhoto by Dan Belton

Hailing from Brighton, United Kingdom, The Hell Beings are here with their newest single ‘Court of Appeal’. This is a band that many rock music lovers will enjoy, especially those who appreciate musical adventure into the unknown.

With pleasantly sore-sounding melodic vocals and intricate/melancholic guitar and drum work, their latest track ‘Court of Appeal’ will surprise the audiences. Their style is a mixture of influences from bands such as Nomeansno, AD/DC, Nirvana, The Pixies, Motörhead, and others, but it’s hard to say what they sound like, making their sound very distinctive. The Hell Beings describe what it’s all about themselves: “Meditation coupled with the medicinal shows us every moment has the potential to be as good or bad as it can possibly be, the good is here, let it flow.”

Listen to ‘Court of Appeal’ on Spotify

‘Court of Appeal’ is an unusual song. Once you press that play button, you’ll realize The Hell Beings are playing with you. It has a lot of technical never-heard-before bits, and then you’re treated with this wonderful chorus showing the lead singer’s devilishly delicious vocal tone. If you’re asking if this song has a double bass drum, the answer is yes. It certainly does. It is full of surprises, and if you get the opportunity to see The Hell Beings live, prepare to be surprised and thoroughly electrified.

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