The Holdout release their new album ‘Won’t Be Leaving Here Today’

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Every band found themselves with the pandemic at a standstill, where it was uncertain how many live performances could return or if people would come back. In this climate many bands that had records ready to be released or wanted to go on tour, had to adjust to the restrictions. These facts are obviously about bureaucracy. In addition to this dynamic there is also the human, emotional issue. A band’s creative process is determined by their experiences and Pandemic was one of them.

Today we talk to you about The Holdout, a rock band from Portland that was very marked by the human issue we anticipate. “Won’t Be Leaving Here Today”, this is the name of the album of the band just mentioned. Inside the album there are nine tracks that will deal with the most disparate issues, the feelings actually more than the themes, because as you will hear within “Won’t Be Leaving Here Today” there will be disillusionment, hope, dismay, love and loss that we all have experienced.

The HoldoutThe Holdout / Publicity photo

The Holdout was born as the rib of another band, Temper and Hold. The current members are: Andi Camp, Paul Johnson, and Aaron Blanchard. This new group, which gave birth to another band with different ideas and a different sound of course, has very few years of career, in fact they exist only since 2016 as The Holdout.

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The album was released on November 23, 2021 and when you listen to it, you will immediately understand that each track has a dose of melancholy, insecurity, or discomfort, all reactions to the world that surrounded the band at that moment. This consideration highlights how well The Holdout knows how to observe the world around them, receive stimuli, and then turn it into music. It’s not obvious for a band to be creative during periods of crisis and stalemate especially. “Won’t Be Leaving Here Today” is waiting for you, don’t delay to listen to it.


and see 5 Questions with The Holdout below.

5 Question with The Holdout - RED Rock Magazine

What’s the most spontaneous thing you’ve done in your life?

Andi: “I lived in the mountains of Colorado for a few months when I was 21, and I decided I needed to live somewhere where I had people to play music with, and so I packed up my car and drove to New York, thinking I would live there. After a few days there, I decided it wasn’t the right place, got back in my car and drove to California, where I set up shop and lived for the next five years. Definitely the right choice at the time.”

Aaron: “I once took two weeks to decide on a paint color.”

Paul: “We spontaneously formed as a band after a couple of years of talking about it.”

What’s the weirdest dream you ever had?

Andi: “I never remember my dreams.”

Aaron: “The dream we’re all living in now is pretty weird and wonderful and terrifying.”

Paul: “I dreamt I lived in marble halls.”

What was the defining moment in your life that made you a rock musician?

Andi: “When I was 16, I went to a punk show that included some of my friends playing their first ever show. It was magical, and I knew I wanted to do that.”

Aaron: “Same thing. I had a buddy in high school who was/is an amazing drummer and he was in a metal band with older dudes and it blew my mind. I thought… ‘I really want to be in a band one day.‘”

Paul: “When I was 15 and going to punk rock shows and my friend said ‘let’s start a band’ even though neither he nor I knew how to play any instruments.”

What is your favorite movie or book?

Andi: “Favorite book of the last year was Cloud Cuckoo Land.”

Aaron: “The book that I can point to right now is The Big Burn by Timothy Egan. There are many others that I love but that one really ticks all the boxes for me.”

Paul: “Our Band Could Be Your Life”

What’s your biggest goal this year?

Andi: “Surf more.”

Aaron: “Travel more.”

Paul: “Travel more, surf more.”

The album is also available on Vinyl and you can order it now via Bandcamp.

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