The Internet Has Us Conditioned Into Complacency

internet social media addictionPhoto by cottonbro

Here we are sat with a device in our hands that in essence, has the capability to change the world. Has the information located within it that you could steer yourself to a Harvard level education should you choose to do so. Therein lies the problem though. We have this thing at our very fingertips, yet we choose not to explore it to it’s fullest potential. Instead, a major percentage of us instead use it to peruse social media and watch YouTube videos. Even with YouTube you could attain a wealth of knowledge that could help propel you into a more desirable station in life. Alas, most of us stay in the same place where we are at due to complacency ushered in through the ease of the internet.

We are in a time now where a lot of people fancy themselves researchers, which means they say a meme at one point, and felt it was a credible source to make them experts on a certain subject. They are not doing the actual work that is involved when it comes to actual research. Again, you have a device in your hand that can aid you in actual research, but you have been lulled into this complacent state ironically due to that same device. Here is my suggestion. If you are not going to use the internet to its whole potential, then walk away from it for a bit. Limit your time with it and start experiencing things three dimensionally.

Granted there are exceptions to the rule. There are individuals out there that have learned other languages, taught themselves to cook masterfully, or learned an instrument by watching instructional videos. Sadly though, that is not the majority. Instead, and this is just my opinion, a large percentage has been overwrought so much with their complacency that they have lost basic knowledge. They no longer must work for what they want as so much of their needs are easily attained through a click of a button. Because they don’t have to work for it, they are now lacking basic survival skills. If you were to shut down the internet tomorrow, I feel there would be a breakdown of society. The complacent masses are lacking so much basic survival skills that they wouldn’t know how to function. Society would become a “survival of the fittest” situation. In this man’s opinion, I feel everybody should put the phones down for a bit, go out into the world and breathe in deeply some fresh air. Engage in an actual conversation with an actual person face to face, and just experience life outside of your Iphone screen. It’s a big world there, and there’s a lot of experiences to be had. Get out there and do some living.


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