The Kid and I have released a new single ‘Fade Away’

The Kid and IPhoto by Jennifer Glatzhofer

London, UK-based alternative rock band The Kid and I return with a highly melodic single ‘Fade Away’, a very catchy new tune that drives you forward and makes you want more.

Originally as a solo project, The Kid And I was founded in 2020 during the pandemic by Jacob Powell who is the lead singer and guitarist. Jacob was releasing new material and performed acoustic shows around London in recent years, but the band was fully formed in February 2022 and the release of ‘Fade Away’ can be considered as a new beginning. In addition to leader Jacob Powell, the entire band lineup now includes Henry Avedian on drums, David Whitmore playing bass, and Roddy Lynch on lead guitar and backing vocals.

Their abilities extend beyond music, as they’re primarily made up of actors who have appeared in various shows, voice-overs, music videos, and other projects. This is a powerful group capable of producing high-quality rock songs that will ultimately reach more ears since their music appeals to a wide spectrum of people.

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Jacob describes the creative process and inspiration for ‘Fade Away’:

“The idea when going into recording this song was to really push ourselves musically and sonically as far as we could. I feel like the previous releases had been a little bit pulled back just because of my lack of production knowledge – but having Nick there to really produce this song meant it went to places I had never envisaged. Things like adding drum machines and synth sections would’ve never been possible to me before but during this process we were able to really incorporate all these different ideas into something I think is really special.” — Jacob

‘Fade Away’ was recorded at Unit Studios in Letchworth Garden City and produced by Nick Kozuch. It was recorded entirely by Jacob as The Kid and I’s previous releases, but working together with Kozuch, the overall production quality increased, and collaboration with more people usually brings more good.

The Kid and I’s music has been played on a variety of indie radio stations, including Amazing Radio, Radio Wigwam, and Islington Radio, to name a few. I’m sure it’s only the tip of the iceberg.

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