The Qwarks Ending The Year With A Big Bang Following Their Newest Single ‘Nice While It Lasted’

The Qwarks

It’s always nice being able to cover a band more than once. To see their progression as artists. I’ve written about the stylings of the Qwarks prior to this, and after hearing more from them it’s very apparent that they have tons left in the tank with no chance of slowing down anytime soon. This latest single that they are gifting the world just before years end is proof positive of that. They have their funk flag flying high as they charge forth with their unique sounds into the future of music.

This song is catchy in all the right ways. It reminds me a bit of Jane’s Addiction, which should be taken as complimentary. Phil Johnstone’s lyrical prowess is on full display here as he traverses between a screechy “narrator” voice before segueing into a more melodic output. His guitar play is incendiary as it meshes well with the trumpets. Simon Young’s bass play works well as the underlying driving force behind this song, and it meshes well with Nick Flowers amazing drumming as he sets a 5/4 pace throughout the song.

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I stated earlier that this song reminds me a bit of Jane’s Addiction but let me clarify that it’s only a bit. The Qwarks are a wholly unique band that one would find themselves hard-pressed to define. They offer up a sound that could not be easily categorized into any genre which is what sets them apart from a lot of the “copy-and-paste” bands that are littering the musical landscape. ‘Nice While It Lasted’ is a song that can’t help but leave you with a smile emblazoned across your face. It’s a enjoyable ride that you’ll be glad you went one once The Qwarks train stops (which it doesn’t seem to be doing anytime soon).

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