There’s No Shortage Of Funkiness With The Qwarks Newest Jam ‘INFLUENCER’

I yearn for those moments in life when I’m instantly drawn to something new. Something that grabs me from jump, and I find myself smiling and rocking my head along with the rhythmic music I’m hearing for the first time. There is so much overflow of “like sounding” music out there in the ether that it’s hard to be perceived as a standout. When music comes along that has broken away from the pack with a sound that’s unique to themselves, well hell, that’s just aces. The Qwarks have done just that. They’ve grabbed my interest hook, line, and sinker.

They exude funk in the best possible way with INFLUENCER and damn the subject matter hits just right. The topic of their banging song feels like they’ve ripped it straight out of my brain. Anybody who has read my Culture articles or had a chat with me knows how passionately I oppose peoples over reliance of technology, their phones, and all the BS posing that comes with social media. I’m sure I’m not alone in those thoughts either. The Qwarks are proof positive of that. It’s as if the stood up high on a mountain and shouted “Yes! We will be the voice of the voiceless! We will shine a light on the angst of the masses! But we’re gonna be funky and poke at it at the same time.”  Through all the social commentary jammed into this stellar song, there is heaping portions of funk to make it digestible.

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I imagine this band watching life through a magnifying glass and making fun of all the absurdities exuded by people addicted to their phones and social media. Now I said this band is unique of themselves, but that’s not to say there are not some similarities. Good ones, mind you, but similarities, nonetheless. I felt their funkiness put them in the company of Parliament Funkadelic or The Brand New Heavies, which happen to be two of my favorite groups. Phil Johnstone’s vocals are energetic and catchy in a way the grabs hold of any audience, with his stylish guitar work to boot. Simon Young slaps the bass (a la Paul Rudd) in such a funky way that you can’t help but move with its guidance, and Nick Flowers provides the perfect beat to round out this amazing song. I read that there is a forthcoming video for this song, so I’ll get my popcorn ready as I await to see some visual magic to match this funky ass song.

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