The Rapports Please Both The Eyes & Ears Of Audiences With Fresh & Catchy New Video ‘Wanna Be’

As the volume slowly raises on the opening guitar riffs and you are thrust head on into The Rapports music video for ‘Wanna Be’ you know you are in for quite the experience. The fast-paced drumbeat coupled with lead singer’s vocal range is impressively infectious. The video is an interesting juxtaposition between the mundane existence of factory life on an assembly line and the stylish and energized performance of the band. That probably captures quite successfully the true tale of many up-and-coming bands. Having to hold down a steady paycheck check until their musical aspirations pay off.

The Rapports count Bowie, The Strokes and The Libertines amongst their many influences, and you can’t hear smatterings of this woven into the fabric of ‘Wanna Be’. They give just faint hints, while still producing a sound that is refreshing and unique to them. With every note though you can clearly hear that they have an ample amount of love and respect for the musical influences they admire from yesteryear. They proudly march with the flag of 90’s and Aughts Brit Pop and Indie rock flown high above.

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It’s a testament when a band can show clearly what their inspirations are, yet clearly carve out a spot in the musical world abroad without sounding like carbon copies of their predecessors. One sign of this band’s high IQ and pedigree is that they chose the right producers to help formulate their unique and stylish sound. They tapped Andrew Lyden(of U2 fame) and Sie Medway-Smith(of Depeche Mode and Bjork fame) to cultivate their sound. That move has clearly paid off in spades. Having the right producers is only half the battle though. You have to have the chops to begin with, and The Rapports are blessed with an insane amount of musical ability. From the pace-setting drums to the mesmerizing guitars and the enthralling vocals this is a well-rounded band that is sure to please.

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