The Starkillers gifts the world with an infectious new song, ‘Are You Thinking Of Me’

The StarkillersThe Starkillers / Publicity photo

If ever there was a song that is ready made to fill an arena and have thousands of fans with their lighters (or cellphones) held high as they belt the infectious lyrics back to the band, well lsurge of energy that overcomes them completely. It’s got the grandness that comes with great and iconic songs of the past. This song has all that those yearning for fist-pumping rock music could ever want.

Being stuck in a situation that you know has already run its course is a feeling we can all relate to. Reading up on The Starkillers, and the meaning behind this infectious song I find that it’s about being in a relationship that you know is over and the inevitable frustration that comes with that. We’ve all been there. You outgrow people or vice versa. It’s time to pack your bags and hit the road. Say goodbye to the past. Well, now you have the perfect song to serve as your emphatic soundtrack to this next stage of your journey in life.

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Musically, The Starkillers are ticking all the boxes with this song that is amazing beyond comparison. The love they show to their influences can clearly be heard in this song. They cite bands like the Foo Fighters and The Killers as their influences and I could see The Starkillers playing alongside them in an arena filling lineup. Jon Omen’s lyrical prowess is one to be admired, he exudes all the qualities of a great front man. The riffs provided expertly by Mike Fiedel are on a level all their own and the bassline underlying this banger of song comes from the talented fingers of Chris Panic. This song as I said ticks all the boxes, but the icing on the cake is the driving and powerful drums by way of Doc Taylor. They are just on point in the best possible way. The slow build courtesy of him comes in at 2:13 and grows to explosion from the whole band in the outro of the song. It really is something that sends chills and needs to be witnessed.

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