The Talent That Comprises GLYTSH Crams A Banger Into Our Eardrums With Unrelenting Force ‘SAV@GE’

The driving beat kicks in and is coupled with the emphatic lyrical prowess Jennifer Diehl and I feel as if I’m transported back to the mid-90’s when B’Jork, The Prodigy and Portishead were mainstays in my headphones. Hell, for all I know GLYTSH is the second coming of that genre of music. Sign me up because I am here for it. The way Jennifer incorporates the lyrical flow of a hip hop emcee intermixed with her scream like vocal delivery is remarkable. Then you bring in her counterpart Claire Genoud, who controls the guitar with expertise as she tears through stylistic riffs.

These two musicians are on par with so many greats of the past. With Claire’s attitude oozing onto her guitar strings, you feel as a listener that she is channeling Slash. She might have the wager down but make no mistake this stalwart guitar virtuoso is on a creative plane all her own. I’d be remiss to compare the incomparable, which is the best way I can describe these two monstrous talents. They seemingly fit together like peas and carrots. While they are both solid by themselves, once combined they are explosive.


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I felt it was Christmas come early as I found out they had a visually stunning music video to compliment their song. I had not thought it was possible to love this group anymore, but when I saw graffiti (one of the elements in hip hop) featured prominently throughout the video I realized it was possible. The stylish framing of the shots featured throughout the video add to the hyper-kinetic feel of the song. It was a pleasantly added bonus to see Claire tear into her guitar as she controlled the screen throughout her solo, and as Jennifer both sings and raps right to the camera, as an audience entranced with her presence you know she is a bonafide star. Allow me to correct myself, both of these women are bonafide stars and are a force to be reckoned with.

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