The UNCRTN Releases A Rock Anthem That Speaks To People’s Need To Detach From Toxicity Of People Around Them ‘Forget About Me’

Toxic individuals, they are all around us. Infecting multiple aspects of our existence. They come in many forms. From those that are newly introduced into your life with their toxicity on full display, so you know to clearly avoid them. To those that have been in your life for years but kept their toxic nature shrouded as to not set off trigger warnings in you before it’s too late. Either way, these individuals shouldn’t be in your life and you should break away from them.

‘Forget About Me, according to its authors The UNCRTN, is about just that. Ridding yourself of spiritual vampires who would like nothing more than to suck the energy out of you. That’s a hell of a message to get behind, and one we should all feel a need to listen to. What better way to do so than to batter your brain with upbeat and emphatic drums, hard end infectious guitar riffs or powerful and harmonious vocals. The UNCRTN has all that and more. With ‘Forget About Me’ and it’s accompanying video The UNCRTN has ticked all the boxes when it comes to those categories.

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This energetic trio hailing from New York has hit it out of the ballpark with this song that sets them apart from the vast music scene in NY. Sonia Rose has led the charge with her unmistakable voice that proves she is the perfect narrator for this message. She travels between a attitude-driven delivery before breaking into a softer and more melodic tone to end her verses as she holds the note. Also, do not discount her clearly stellar talent behind the keys. Add in Tyler Magrone’s aggressive guitar riffs to help hammer home the energy of this song, and Chris LoMango’s thumping and rapid drumbeat, and you have found yourself a winner in the musical rat race. I for one am curious to see what else The UNCRTN will be bringing to the table.

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