Think Sanity Doles Out Life Lessons That Cut Deep And Are Relatable As They Package Them Amidst Their Enthralling Musicianship in ‘Think Safely’

Think SanityPhoto by Sydney Bree Artistry

Amidst the world’s current climate it seems more and more people are openly willing to discuss their personal mental struggles. Think Sanity is no exception as they have dedicated an entire album to just that. Hearing their backstories about each members own personal struggles is truly astounding. You hear the effect it’s had on each of them as they infused it into every note of this album. The band reveals that in its entirety the album follows a through line narrative of a person struggling with mental health.

Jack Vermuth has stated that “they are serious music for those that struggle to be serious.” Listening to the album thoroughly I really felt those words. They carry a vibe that brings your mind back to recalling My Chemical Romance and It is to be understood that having that comparison is not a bad thing. Quite the contrary. Think Sanity finds themselves in amazing company. They have the musical chops to boot, which enables them to sit confidentially amidst their predecessors.

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There is so much talent and heart placed into this amazing album that it deserves all the adoration it can get. From the lyrical content touching on all the personal pains the band has suffered through, to the global Pandemic and its accompanying woes, to personnel changes. This band has triumphantly taken all of those hardships, melded them together and unleashed them amidst Andie Johnson’s majestic vocals, Trent Johnson’s stellar bass play, Jack Vermuth’s engaging guitar riffs and lastly Christopher Collins expert drum work. Having dealt with my own mental health issues, I absolutely LOVE that this album successfully laid out what I didn’t have the words for.

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