THORN Brings Machine-Like Aesthetic To Impactful New Track ‘Dark Soul’

THORNTHORN / Publicity photo

From the opening of ‘Dark Soul’ it’s as if you are bearing witnessed to the inner workings of an engine starting up. Getting to see all the machine components and bearing witness to how they work together in cohesiveness to generate a specific sound that ellicits feelings out of its listeners. Thorn brings in a charged energy that he infuses into his lyrics which drives the pace of the song only to have him relinquish the vocal range to Francine Mabinda, whose voice contrast during the chorus. It really is a beautiful mishmash of contrasting styles which end up working together wonderfully.

Thorn’s strong vocal delivery reminds me a bit of old Rob Zombie. That’s a wonderful comparison to have by the way as Thorn finds himself in good company. He is an uber talented performer who plays writes and perform the entirety of this song while utilizing studio musicians to help give the song the “oomph” it needs. His talent seems far ranging enough that if it were possible, he’d perform on stage with one of those “multi-instrument outfits” you see street performers donning from time to time. Alas, he opts for bringing in the right musicians to help give birth to his vision.

It takes a truly accomplished musician to know when it’s best to speed up, when to slow down or when to move the composition’s pace erratically. Thorn does this masterfully like a mad conductor of an eclectic orchestra. I could visualize him dressed like an apocalyptic world “carny” with the audience’s attention resting safely in his hand. With this track he grabs a hold of your psyche and continues to hold on until the climax of the song. This is one that is definitely worth a listen as it has a lasting effect where it’ll stick in your head long after you pressed stop.

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