Thumping Throwback To Hyper Energized Hard Rock Of Yesteryear In ‘Oblivion’ by Crave

Crave Oblivion Crave 3

From hearing the opening of this album that is chock full of energy with raging chords and thunderous drums you feel as if you’re transported back in time long ago. Where you find your mind space occupied with imagery of a custom van adorned with shag carpet, a beautifully painted ornate mural on its side, and thumping speakers blurting out this anthemic music out so the world knows what you’re about. This is an album dripping with reminiscence of the great Rock bands of the past like Iron Maiden, Judas Priest, or Black Sabbath. Hearing this album one can tell it is deeply rooted in respect of its predecessors.

Jan Arild Rostad’s voice is a clear successor to Bruce Dickenson. His range is so unbelievably wide as he can hit notes so high that it lends a great deal of amazement to anyone listening, Great singers have a tendency to instill disbelief into us mere mortals who can’t fathom singing that well. Tron Sturle Aune brings with him a mastery of the guitar being able to inject infectious riffs into the songs as well as getting downright gritty and nasty with guttural chords when needed. Nils Morten Beitnes lays an underlying bass throughout this epic album that adds a great deal of gravitas to the entirety of the project. Finally, not enough could be said about Kjetil Krangsas’ thunderous and rapturous performance behind the drums as he expertly guides the songs.

Each song hits with impactful rage as Crave’s energy is impactful. They hit the audience hard over the head while even injecting social commentary into their music. ‘Apache Nation’ addresses the horrendous mistreatment of Native Americans at the hands of white colonizers. Perhaps an homage to Iron Maiden’s ‘Run To The Hills’? They also touch on their love for the TV show Sons Of Anarchy with their thunderous song of the same name. All in all, if you feel like turning life up to ‘11” you should really give this heavy as hell album a listen.

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