Top 10 Movies That Make You Think

Kids (1995)Kids (1995). Credit: Miramax/Independent Pictures

When it comes to watching movies, it does feel good to just turn your brain off from time to time and “veg” out on whatever story is unfolding in front of your eyes either on the big screen or your TV screen. However, on the other hand, it also feels damn good to spark your brain power as you try to deduce the story before it reaches its climax because the tale that you’re being told is so compelling and its characters have you invested. There are great cinematic adventures that keeps your brain working which sends a surge of energy into your synapses. Today we are going to talk about ten such films that force you to think as their intriguing stories are so layered you can’t take them at face value as you feel the innate need to dig deeper than what’s on the surface.

Primal Fear

Here is a movie that smashes you over the head to wake you up and does not let go for the entirety of its runtime as it holds you hostage and forces you to be glued to the screen as cast displays a masterclass of powerful performances. Richard Gere proves once more how to command the screen with a powerful performance while Edward Norton takes the ball and runs with it as he gives an amazing performance for the ages. The film is intense in the best way and is rewatchable just for the powerful performances themselves. Also, the climactic twist that no one sees coming is one for the ages.


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