TROLN Provides An Inspirational Track Instilling Hope ‘Ghost’

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Troln unleashes a new track that is both cathartic and chock full of inspiration. The lyrics serve almost as a forewarning of your options in life. Either you stand steadfast opposing any hardships presented to you, or you crumple up and are overtaken by them where you risk becoming nothing more than a faded memory…or a Ghost. I feel as if the genesis behind this stellar song has been ripped from my own thoughts. See, I’ve long felt that how one faces adversity in life is a testament of one’s own character. It’s obvious I’m not reinventing the wheel with those thoughts as the basis for Ghost are similar. A lot of people on this spinning globe feel the same on these issues, and now Troln has provided an amazing soundtrack for them.

Stylistically Troln is a breath of fresh air. They have masterfully interwoven different musical styles into a hybrid of greatness. You engage yourself with this song and are overtaken with Helene Navne’s haunting vocals that juxtapose the upbeat nature of the lyrics as a cacophony of amazing music is brought together through the unparalleled skillset of Henrik Liebgott’s unique guitar riffs, Thomas Olsen’s standout work behind the drumkit, Jans Birkedal bassline and the unforgettable Christian Renn’s masterwork with the organ and synth sounds.

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This band has combined to create a song that hits hard as the audience feels these lyrics. It’s as if ‘Ghost’ was written for those lost souls out there who are on a journey of their own searching for answers. Just so you know that last sentence described a great many people as we all are feeling a bit lost amidst the turmoil in the world. Well, open your ears and eyes as you let Troln be your guiding light amidst the fogginess of life’s current state. ‘Ghost’ is an upbeat yet cinematic and atmospheric track that’ll pull on your heart strings and get you right in the feels as you really take in its subject matter.

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