Newest Track From TROLN Evokes Gothic Imagery As Their Powerful Performance Invades Our Minds ‘Says Abraham’

One commonality amongst the Earth’s population is a shared yearning of the unknown. A searching for answers, many times its coupled with blind faith. Not knowing what’s out there, but blindly trusting that SOMETHING is out there. How does one know that what is out there is good? If what they are following is the right thing? Well, TROLN taps right into those questions with their latest release. ‘Says Abraham” covers all those questions that have long been a part of society.

The opening sounds erupt from an organ played with intensity that instinctively fills you with uneasy emotions that you’d normally attribute to an old black and white silent horror film. The accompanying music video, which is beautifully shot and edited, plays into that wonderfully. You find yourself entranced by these mesmerizing sounds as you go deeper into this world created by TROLN. As your journey continues the drums kick in followed by Helene Navne’s infectious vocals which are most fitting amongst the soundscape laid about them. All parts work perfectly in conjunction to orchestrate a song to please audiences.

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Helene’s voice is one that captures your imagination as she guides you throughout the narrative TROLN has laid out amidst this epic tale. These are, after all, very heavy subject matters that they are touching on. Being unsure of one’s faith, and if their faith is being trusted upon blindly. Christian Rønn’s masterful working of the organ perfectly backs Helene’s vocals and Henrik Liebgott’s incendiary guitar play feels right at home amongst his musical colleagues. Thomas Olsen proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that he is no slouch behind the drum kits as he lays down a calming pace that fits the overall tone of this standout piece. Finally, to circle back around, Helene also proves that she is more than capable of bearing many hats amidst this band as she also filmed and edited the magnificent accompanying music video.

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