Tryingtogetby’s Knocking Hybrid Of Ska & Hip Hop Hits Right In The Sweet Spot ‘Curse Of A Tongue’

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From the point of pressing play, I felt the overwhelming urge to start flailing my arms and legs as I started skanking into a pit. This album really brings it out of you. I felt like a went on a beautifully nostalgic journey back to my youth where all the sounds emanating from my speakers was hip hop, ska, and punk. Hell, who am I kidding, those are still the majority of what I listen to. This album fits in quite nicely to what I’m about.

‘Curse Of A Tongue’ generally ticks all the boxes when it comes to what I want in my music. I was amazed when I found out the genesis of this amazing album came from the mind of one lone man. Simply amazing I’ll tell you. Tyler Miller is a f**king prodigy to have created Tryingtogetby and come up with this album. To create every part of this album all on his own is a herculean feat that is a testament of this man’s musical ability. I imagine Tyler kicking a door down to a venue armed with every instrument and stating “I got this” before taking the stage for an uproarious performance that would put quintets to shame.

Tryingtogetby / Tyler Miller / Publicity photo

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Every song brings more goodies to the table as Tyler is able to cover a wide range of hard- hitting subjects with his hyper stylized ska/punk/hip hop hybrid. To compose this music comes as no surprise when I learn of his influences. He mentions names like Operation Ivy, Tribe, and Gang Starr. With inspirations like that you start out already ahead of the game. Some of the subject matters this man touches on are those that most can relate to. From ‘Homeward Bound’ where he talks about not fitting in, to ‘Few Facts’ talking about social media dividing people or ‘In My Head’ talking about panic attacks and ‘America On Dope’ talking about media and politics dumbing America down. All in all this is a kicka** album that should definitely want in your collection as it knocks hard and covers highly relatable subjects.

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