Vehicles have released their new album ‘Belief in Habits’

Vehicles band musicPhoto by Kevin Patrick

The alternative rock band VEHICLES from Wichita, Kansas, is back with a new album titled ‘Belief in Habits’. It’s dark, dreamy, and at the same time tinted with a touch of hopefulness.

When you listen to Vehicles, the ambiance they evoke is reminiscent of a rainy day—one that isn’t necessarily all bad. With all life’s imperfections, the day is perfect as it is. Picture yourself driving and taking a moment to daydream while you watch the cars and people around you passing by. You have the feeling of being far away somewhere else, perhaps deep within your own thoughts, rather than here, in this reality.

Listen to ‘Belief in Habits’ on Bandcamp

The band has been around for quite some time now. Over time, new members have joined, and former members have come back. Vehicles was formed back in 2006 by the lead singer/guitarist Cody Cloud who’s also the lead songwriter. The rest of the band, including guitarist/vocalist Isaac Pearson, bassist Tony Hull, keyboardist Cale Gubitz, and drummer Thayne Coleman, add refinements to his vision and the early ideas of a new song. Over a decade has passed for Vehicles touring throughout the United States, and that deserves respect. The ability of a true live band to keep going, leave the rehearsal room or studio, and go on tour as a team and family is an impressive accomplishment.

We went through the peak of the pandemic and so did the rock band Vehicles. Their latest album ‘Belief in Habits’ embodies all the pain and frustration of living through the time of uncertainty and isolation. It appears like the struggle will continue, who knows what’s in front of us, but perhaps these times will serve as fuel for every artist’s fire, paving the way for a new awakening.

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