Vein of Gold release new music video for ‘Against the Grain’

Vein of GoldPublicity photo

Vein of Gold has published a music video for the rock/alternative country single “Against the Grain” on one of the largest YouTube’s independent music channels – BlankTV.

Vein of Gold is a rock music project, which also features alternative country, blues and folk elements. It was started in 2019 by Latvian vocalist and multi-instrumentalist Johnny Osma. The debut single was released a year later, but the project came to a standstill for a number of individual and global reasons.

According to the artist, a lot of new compositions have been written in the meantime, but December 12 can be considered the time of rebirth, when we wrap something up.


The video was made in a remote place in Courland with help of friends. The main filming was done by Peter Upacers. Osma says a special thanks to all the people who were present at a time for their support and a nice evening.

Learn more on Vein of Gold website.


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