Vie Jester’s Powerful And Emphatic Track Proves Great Things Come In Threes ‘Make You Better’

Comes in threes. That’s a common statement. Vie Jester is ANYTHING but common. This is as powerful of a rock trio as you can get. Hard-hitting and emphatic. Jarringly taking you through the low melodic lyrical display before traversing into the heavier metal yells that batter you over the head then finally easing into a hybrid of the two. It’s really something else to take that journey. You can close your eyes and imagine a full display of stage lights flashing in synch to the beat and a raucous stadium full of adoring fans losing their minds over Vie Jester’s performance. Their music lends itself to that type of scene. They’ll get there.

This band has been playing together since grade school, and you can hear that history within each powerful note. The rage hidden behind the lyrics hits you hard between the eyes, and yet you ask for more. This song is that filling. Vie Jester does a masterful job of professing the right amount of energy residing within the song’s message. That being about “trying hard to conjure external forces to help you manifest, only to realize it’s all internal anyways.”

Vie Jester
Vie Jester / Publicity photo

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As stated, this band exudes power at its highest state. Kyle Guerrero’s engaging voice captures your mind and holds you in it’s grasp as it expertly moves between the low dulcet tones and the bombastic and chilling yells. There is no doubting the attention his voice commands. Couple that with his amazing guitar work and it’s a one-two punch that most can’t recover from. But wait, there’s more. Matthew Denis manipulates the bass guitar in a way that you are paying close attention to it, but not paying attention at the same time. To put it simple his mastery of the instrument compliments but doesn’t overshadow. Enter Cliff Conway’s bombastic and thunderous drums. The icing on this powerful cake. I can see this trio of master musicians that is Vie Jester reaching unimaginable heights when the opportunity arises. Stay tuned.

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