Viscula have released a new music video for ‘Seagulls’

London, UK-based indie art rock band Viscula takes you on an audiovisual journey with their new music video for the track ‘Seagulls’ from their latest album ‘IV’.

Viscula’s newest music video for ‘Seagulls’ appears dark, full with shadows, various items and things, and with layers upon layers. The feelings balance somewhere between mystery and fear as this video drags you into the tale said without words, but from musical instruments played by real musicians. The music video was shot late last year at a London vintage shop. The store’s abundance of interesting and antique goods allowed the opportunity to create a visually engaging video. Camera operator Paul Miller did an excellent job catching it, and video director Alex White constructed the required montage for this video, adding a psychedelic aesthetic to the music.

VisculaViscula / Publicity photo

Viscula is not a new band by any means, they have lots of experience and so far they’ve had live performances in 18 countries all over the world with the most notable appearances in festivals such as Together to The Top (Poland), Fonari (Russia), Shanghai International (China), and Feckfest (UK), as well as awarded as ‘Best Indie Artist’ at the main Ukrainian festival Chervona Ruta. The band was founded in 2002 in Lutsk, Ukraine, and following Russia’s recent invasion, they together with their friends support Ukraine and its people in their fight for freedom.

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The band has been based in London, UK since 2019, when Vitali Malyshko, the band’s founder, was awarded an Exceptional Talent Visa and had the opportunity to relocate to the UK and continue to reach new goals with his band while performing at iconic London venues.

The music video for ‘Seagulls’ is available since May 5 on the Viscula’s YouTube channel.

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