Voice Of Addiction’s Newest Hits You Squarely Between The Eyes As They Grin Ear To Ear ‘Divided States’

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Sweat drips off my brow as the smell of musty body odor mixed with a tinge of sulfur permeates my nose as I prepare myself to charge head on into another round of a rousing mosh pit that has broken out at Reggie’s. All the while my fists flying and legs kicking along with the crowd as we all are graced with a beautifully head-splitting soundtrack courtesy of Voice Of Addiction. This is the epitome of punk music. It’s f’n unadulterated and injects you with a much-needed surge of kinetic energy.

Mind you, that is just barely scratching the surface with this hard-hitting band. Punk as a genre has historically been about bucking the system, standing up against the hypocrisy of a corrupt government, and refusing to conform to what others want. Voice Of Addiction is a band that isn’t afraid to take a stance and rebel against the “social norms” while calling out the BS they see in politics and society. They are in good company as their anti-establishment status brings to mind old Corrosion Of Conformity, Black Flag or Rise Against. That in fact is a hell of good company to keep.

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Stylistically this band amazes me. Punk generally has that affect on me. To play that fast and hard, and yet still engage listeners with melodic vocals and thought-provoking lyrics. The rapid-fire drumbeats and gnarly guitar riffs only help to elevate the grandiose feeling of these energetic songs. Some passersby on the street my take this music as just being loud and abrasive, but you need to invest in the complexities of these magical noises they have emitting from their instruments to fully understand the beauty of it all. Sure, the kinetic energy is enough to instill you with the confidence to jump in the aforementioned pit, but if you were to sit at home and really invest quality listening time into this masterpiece of an album you will see how much more depth lies beneath the surface. To take to heart the words that are being spewed is to fully understand what this band is about. I for one am fully on board with their music. Of course, I’m a bit bias as I do have an affinity for punk, and they are from my beloved city of Chicago. I only hope that I know ahead of time next time they play here as I’d love to see them live. Maybe talk music video concepts cause this album inspired some creative ideas.

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