Vomit Baby release their debut single ‘Eleven’ with a music video

Vomit Baby, a Slough, UK-based rock band, debuted with their single ‘Eleven’, as well as a music video with the main theme of proving naysayers wrong.

Vomit Baby kicks the door open with an exciting new single, ‘Eleven’, announcing the arrival of a new player in the field of rock with a big bang. It is accompanied by a music video and the supporting single ‘Twenty & Dead’. The single ‘Eleven’ is like a slap in the face to the naysayers, because as we all know, when an artist sticks their head in the sun, it’s often followed by baseless criticism. Just because you took a step – that alone is enough for someone to tell you that it is not worth doing what you are passionate about. ‘Eleven’ is also Vomit Baby’s way of standing up for the creatives, on whom society and culture heavily rely.

Vomit BabyVomit Baby / Publicity photo

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The members of Vomit Baby first met at school, but their friendship blossomed after their visit in Download festival back in 2013. We can assume that the energy you experience at a big rock festival can add a spark to a musician’s heart. With Tyler Sanis on guitar and lead vocals, Kurt Fry playing drums, and Charlie Hood on bass, they are on the way to cultivating their mastery. This time we have to thank the pandemic, even though during this time the band members may have been deprived of the opportunity to play together, but in this way it was possible to devote more time to their instrument and work on writing new songs.

This is a fantastic debut with a lot of potential, and the essential thing is to keep the momentum going. Vomit Baby knows how to compose songs with intriguing elements and a thoughtful structure. There are groovy guitar lines, bombastic drums – a perfect Molotov cocktail to get the fire going and keep on rockin’ n’ rollin’. Enjoy the music and keep an eye out for updates!

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