Voodoo Bloo release a music video for their latest single ‘We’re Here Love Is Somewhere Else’

Hailing from Wellington, New Zealand, alternative rock band Voodoo Bloo is here with a new single and music video for ‘We’re Here Love Is Somewhere Else’ from the upcoming album, ‘The Blessed Ghost’.

Ladies and gentlemen, it’s time to get unstuck and Voodoo Bloo’s newest single ‘We’re Here Love Is Somewhere Else’ is exactly about that. No matter how much life struggles and pressures you get or how packed your mind’s hard drive seems to be, you’re always a few smart steps away to get better. Keep your chins up, your backs straight, and take it easy living day by day.

Influenced by artists such as Interpol, Radiohead and Arctic Monkeys, behind the sound of Voodoo Bloo is Rory McDonald who’s the lead songwriter, singer, and guitarist. It’s followed by razor-sharp drummer Jackson Kidd, the newest member of the band Oli Cass playing bass, and Daniel Maslen adding extra guitar layers, and effects that were missing on the previous album.

Listen to ‘We’re Here Love Is Somewhere Else / Default’ on Spotify

Along with the single, Rory and Voodoo Bloo’s manager Tony McDonald created a trippy music video for fans to enjoy. The tracks ‘We’re Here, Love Is Somewhere Else’ and ‘Default’ are both from the band’s upcoming album, ‘The Blessed Ghost’, which will be released on July 15.

A few words on the making of these songs and the upcoming album:

“These tracks mark a turning point for one of the biggest strengths of this album, most of the singles on our first album felt really samey to me, but this time around I don’t think anyone really knows what to expect of us, which is something I love dearly” — Rory

With each track on the new album they want to display how diverse the band’s sound really is by not sticking to a certain sound or theme, but being more open for exploration. Keep an eye out for updates and don’t miss seeing them live!

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