Wesson Introduces The World To Their Brand Of Music With Engrossing Debut Single ‘Understand’

WessonPhoto by Nicholas O'Donnell

Hearing the opening guitar and driving drumbeat coupled with the kaleidoscopic visuals of Understand I knew I was in for a treat like no other. Wesson, a band out of Britain, has cultivated a sound that is an amalgamation of the music that informs their interests. You can hear wherein their influences lie with each note of this standout song. It’s like they took the best of pop, punk and a dash of Motown, laid down Chris Wesson’s engaging vocals, and out came Wesson on the other side.

‘Understand’ speaks about life lessons that are extremely relatable to many of its listeners. We’ve all been left feeling low on ourselves at some point. Been made to feel this way by another person. This song serves as an anthemic response to that. A way of telling you that you have a right to feel how you do, the angst and frustration over that feeling, but it’s not your fault. It’s the other persons own insecurities that fuel them. Those sentiments can resonate with a massively wide fanbase, which Wesson has the talent and ability to accumulate. Chris Wesson stated “The song expresses frustration over being around someone who leaves you feeling like you are beneath them, and you are holding them back. For them, it’s about achieving something tangible, whereas for me it’s about enjoying their company.”

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That statement from Wesson is right on. To be guided by an evocative lyrical output with a powerful message from Chris Wesson you’d need a powerhouse band to amplify it. Wesson has formed with the needed pieces to accomplish that. Guitarist Callum and Jimmy masterfully manipulate the chords on their instruments hammering home the anthemic feeling of the song, while Dale more than holds his own by keeping pace behind the drum kit. All this wonderous glory is wrapped up nicely in a stunningly beautiful visual expression of a music video.

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