Widespread Haze Opens An Entire Bag Of Tricks When Crafting Their Genre-Spanning Masterpiece ‘Move’

Widespread HazePhoto by Jonathan Cummings

A group that can seamlessly transition through multiple genres without skipping a beat amidst a single album is a group that we all need to stand up, applaud, and take notice of. Widespread Haze is that group, and their debut album ‘Move’ is that album. I felt as if I unearthed an embarrassment of riches when I was listening to this album. It’s as if I was strolling down the music hub of a major city and hearing smatterings of different musical styles coming from different venues, yet all these glorious rhythms were coming from a singular band. ‘Widespread Haze’ stylistically can go head-to-head with their elders of yesteryear. Bands that have come before them. ‘Move’ would be right at home if put in rotation with those same bands.

I heard so many different engaging musical styles on this album that it almost felt unfair. Widespread Haze, in my opinion, could easily be considered a “jam band”, or a “blues” band. They wouldn’t seem out of place amidst a “grunge” concert lineup, and they’d fittingly kick doors down headlining a “Rock” fest. Not sure if the band will appreciate this analogy, but I took them as being the Swiss Army Knife bands. Just Uber talented musicians who have combined to bless the world with some downright amazing music.

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Matthew Campbell’s voice is part funky and mixed with a tinge of grungy twang. His delivery hits all the right notes and ticks all the right boxes. Tommy Whiteside’s expertise behind the drum kit isn’t lost on anybody as he sets the perfect rhythms for each standout song. Finally, Kristi Rifenbark’s bassline throughout this hallmark album is downright mesmerizing. This trio is so unmistakably talented that we should all be glad that we are able to witness the musical achievements that most assuredly lie ahead for them. Do yourself a favor and be sure to check out ‘Move’. ‘Cloudwalking’ and ‘Doubt About It’ are two songs that definitely jumped out at me.

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