Wild Gravity have released their debut EP ‘Initial Transmissions’

Wild GravityOut of the Dark Photography

The debut EP “Initial Transmissions” by Chicago-based Wild Gravity includes the band’s first six songs, which sound bombastic and blend timeless values with new energy in fields of hard rock and metal.

Wild Gravity is one of those projects that came into life during the pandemic in 2020. Phil O’Reilly, the lead singer, and Ken Ugel on guitar, decided to write new songs together while their other musical endeavors were put on hold, and they were unable to perform live shows. These songs have a highly powerful drum sound, terrific guitar riffs, and very deep vocals with memorable melodies. I’m a big fan of hard rock/metal bands because they deliver that big sound you usually get from metal without leaving out the melodic vocals. Although the music is powerful, these songs have an optimistic message, reminding us to stand together to get through the tough times.

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Even though the songs were composed over a very long period of time before Ken and Phil even met, they have the feel like they’re from an established band. They were recorded at Ken Ugel’s home studio, as well as Bricktop Recording and John Terry Recording studios in the Chicago-area. They are still experimenting and developing their sound, and their signature sound is something that eventually will materialize. Time will tell. Wild Gravity is definitely making the right moves to impress listeners with great compositions and production quality. Keep an eye out for updates!

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