WIlldr Bursts Onto The Music Scene With Energized And Hard-Edged Song ‘Bet I Will’

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William Andrew has entered the musical fray in California like a Swiss Army Knife. I say that to say that this man has a full bag of tricks. He does it all, which is never a bad thing when trying to make your way in an already congested music scene. He comes armed with a full array of talents. He writes, has a distinctive voice, and produces. That’s an impressive triumvirate of skills to inject into your debut, which he has done masterfully.

‘Bet I Will’ is upbeat and energized with a ting of pop to it while still maintaining a thorough alt-rock credibility. It’s catchy and infectious from the opening twang of the guitar and faced paced battering of the drums all the way through to the last held note as the song fades out. Andrew’s distinctive voice drives the song as he injects emphatic energy behind the words. From hearing the lyrics and not knowing the full genesis behind the song, as an audience you allow your mind to wander into your own hypothesis. After all, art is subjective right? My takeaway, and I might be way off on this, is that this song revolves around the yearning someone that’s not his. Perhaps pining for a lost love before realizing the futility in that and realizing that will survive and move on. Hence, ‘Bet I will’.

Andrew cultivated and created this energetic song in San Francisco, where he fine tuned it before audiences, before mixed and mastered in Nashville. That is a sign of an artist wise beyond their years. To know how much work goes into perfecting a tune as opposed to just rushing into the studio to get something out before its ready. That wisdom will serve this talented performer throughout his career, and I look forward to hear what else he has to offer.

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