With The Pandemic Seemingly In The Rearview What Will Revitalize Cinema?

cinema, moviesPhoto by Tima Miroshnichenko

Well, the Pandemic took it’s big boot and kicked the world collectively in it’s a** for just shy of three years, and as the world crawls out of the ashes, dusts itself off, and moves forward to restart business as it once was how will we collectively bounce back?

So many industries were forced to rethink how they conducted business and pivot how their future earnings would keep rolling in. Hell, some businesses just had to fold as they ended up being decimated by the Pandemic’s affects. Enter the film industry.

Long lines at the theater and packed houses seem to be relics of the past as crowds were decimated due to the Pandemic. Studios had to rethink how they were going to keep the dollars rolling in even with the lack of crowds. Streaming services grew exponentially. Now, with people preferring to stay home, there had to be offerings available to keep them sated while doing so. In come the same day releases. Now people had no incentive to get dressed up, fight through traffic, buy expensive popcorn and soda, and sit in a crowded theater. The cinema experience was not enough of a draw anymore. Now, here is where I ask, what will bring audiences back to the theater?

Speaking from a personal standpoint, I am enamored with the theatrical experience. The sights and the sounds are unequaled. The smell of the popcorn, the comfort of the seat. It all plays in. Some movies demand to be viewed on the largest scope available. You just can’t get that experience watching on your flat screen at home no matter how big it is, or even less on your laptop. So, with that being said, what will it take to bring back audiences to the cinema in droves as it used to be? Back to when going to the movies was an event, a date night, a family night out. Spectacle is the easy answer. Top Gun: Maverick, Avatar, Marvel Movies, the new Quentin Tarantino movie. These are all good reasons to see a movie on the big screen. To embrace the gravitas of the cinematic experience. One idea to bring audiences back is to create content that can ONLY be seen on the big screen. Sure, the movie will get released to DVD or streaming services, but not entirely. It’ll be trimmed down, and scenes will be cut out. Much like they do with Director’s Cuts, Extended Cuts etc. That extra footage that enhances the film can only be witnessed on the big screen. Or delay the home release. Back in the days of video stores, you would have to wait 6 or months after a theatrical run before a movie was released for home viewing. If cinema went back to that practice people would be more tempted to venture into their local cinema. These are just a few ideas on what is needed to get people back in the theaters. It’s something I for one does make a resounding comeback, as I see being in a movie theater an almost religious experience. It’s one of my favorite pastimes.


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