Wolfshirt have released a self-titled debut EP

WolfshirtWolfshirt / Publicity photo

Wolfshirt is a Biddeford, Maine-based alternative rock band with hardcore and punk in its heart, powerful vocals, and songs that not only make you bang your head but are here to stick.

As soon as you press the play button, you realize Wolfshirt has something special for you. They obviously have a distinct style to writing music, and it’s a very tasty mixture of genres. I’m a strong believer that time, place, and circumstance all have an effect on how music feels and sounds, and it makes you wonder what lies behind all these vibrations and emotion.

Every song on their debut EP has personality and is distinct from the others, and there is nothing ordinary about this band. You will recognize various patterns from other genres in their music, but they just mix it so well. I really like that these songs have muscle with big guitars and hard-hitting drums, and let’s not forget to mention they have a superb bassist. The bass intro on the final track, ‘Movements’, is just beautiful. In the middle of it all, the vocalist has a thick, wide, and powerful voice that absolutely adds to the richness of these tunes.

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Recorded by the Legendary John Zebley, the Wolfshirt EP is about the fusion of mind, body and soul. The members Nick Coggins, Brandon Thurlow, Nick Villaci, and Nick Minini’s ability to write remarkable songs is what makes them a great band, because skill and talent are only a small part of everything, and they have it all, but it’s all about how those things work together. I warmly welcome you to listen to this EP and check for updates, because in the near future they’re about to release a live session recording with Mushroom Stomp Records.

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