You’ll See One Day Unleashes Explosive Track ‘Sober’ That Delves Head On Into One Of Life’s Toughest Afflictions

You'll See One Day SoberAndrew Basso

Imagine yourself in a smoke-filled tavern where the predominant illumination comes from the daylight bleeding in through the windows and the front entrance. It’s midday and you look over and see three gruff looking men bellied up to the bar. There’s an air of uncertainty that floats about them as the sense of impending danger overwhelms you. You think to yourself “these cats look badass, something is about to go down.” That’s a correct assessment as they slam down their empty glasses and with overwhelming swagger they saunter across the room to a makeshift stage. Upon it they arm themselves with their weapons of choice…drums, guitars, and microphones. The tavern which was in an alcohol induced lethargic state is instantly shocked alive as the three men erupt into a energetic performance of ‘Sober’.

That scene I just laid out is the visual feeling I get upon listening to ‘You’ll See One Day’.  ‘Sober’ plays out in my mind exactly like the scene above. As an audience member you are lulled into a relaxed state with Travis Presley’s manipulation of an acoustic guitar before electricity fills the air and he invades our ears with guttural, gnarly and filthy guitar riffs. As you try to recover from that welcomed shock to the senses, Lee Elliott batters your eardrums through his bombastic bettering of his own drums. You had best be holding on as you are in for a treat and one hell of a ride with ‘Sober’. Nathan Peachy’s impressive vocal range is on full display in this epic song. His performance is extremely evocative and pulls you in with his storytelling ability.

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Now, on to the subject matter. Tackling the topic of alcoholism is a tough one. The affects it has on the person afflicted with it, but also the affect it has on that person’s loved ones. Nathan Peachy has done that masterfully. His words strike a chord with listeners who are either dealing with affliction themselves or know of someone who is. ‘You’ll See One Day’ is a group that you’d be wise to keep an eye out for as their majestic musicianship and evocative storytelling combined are sure to skyrocket them into the stratosphere of rock & roll.

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