Young Astronaut release the opening track ‘Hope’ from their 2022 EP ‘Pirouette & Fall’

Young AstronautYoung Astronaut / Publicity photo

Critic reviews are rolling in over Young Astronaut’s forthcoming 2022 EP ‘Pirouette & Fall’. The opening track ‘Hope’ is slowly becoming critically acclaimed, praised by renowned media publications in the genre, including Fresh On The Net, Raw Ramp and more.

Listeners are forming comparisons with the sounds and style choices of popular electric band ‘Future Islands’ but with a fresh twist. This includes the stand-out brooding vocals and introspective lyrics upholding a message of accepting failure, then moving on while dealing with feelings of apprehension.

The electronic influences are embedded into the instrumental use of metronomic synthesisers, combined with drums and exposed guitars that create a mesmerising background sound that relaxes the listener—going hand-in-hand with the lyrics promoting the life choices of letting go and moving forward.


The team credited with supporting the band to produce this enigmatic sound are the following:

⦁ Produced, Engineered and Mixed by ex-bandmate Niko Battistini
⦁ Mastered by Robin Schmidt

The band managed to get their first two albums played on national radio by BBC 6 Music and in Canadian film ‘Clara’. Pirouette & Fall is projected to perform equally as well with the mainstream or greater than the previous albums, based on the climbing reviews and rising fanbase. Fresh On The Net’s insights into audience reception led the media outlet to conclude ‘Hope’ will be the breakthrough single for Young Astronaut to begin bringing their music to a greater audience.

Young Astronaut has been on the scene since 2012, touring across the UK, mainly London, and some international tours in cities such as Beijing, Hong Kong and Chengdu.

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