Zeta Zeroes drops ass-kicking debut EP ’11:01′

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Washington, D.C.-based punk rock one-man-band Zeta Zeroes releases a 4-track debut EP, ’11:01′, creating an earthquake in the punk and hardcore scene.

Sometimes you stumble upon something that raises your eyebrows, and it all ends with shaking your head. Zeta Zeroes’s debut kicks off in a badass fashion. Yes, it’s heavy, but that’s only one aspect of this music, you’ll also enjoy how the guitar riffs are built, with unexpected turns that keep the listener interested the entire time. Even seemingly small things like reducing the tempo at the end of ‘Black Friday’ puts a smile on my face, since almost everything these days starts and ends at the same speed. The songs are well written, and this music needs to be performed live. Hopefully, that day will come soon.

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Zeta Zeroes is very talented, he seamlessly transitions from clean to screams while still making those screams feel melodic. His scream has a rough overdrive that is deep. I don’t know why, but as he opens his throat in ‘The New Influence’, the EP’s opening track, I picture him singing Slipknot’s ‘Psychosocial’. Well, it’s just me, I like to associate things.

These songs were initially first composed in 2010 and 2011, and they were then expanded into full songs with lyrics written recently. Sometimes songs tend to stay in the treasure chest of musicians for a long time, but the most important thing is that they reach the listeners sooner or later. Especially Zeta Zeroes music, it definitely qualifies as one of the best hardcore punk EP’s this year. The EP was independently produced, with recording and mixing taking place in Zeta Zeroes’ home studio from February to June 2022, and mastered by hardcore and metal veteran Jack Control from Enormous Door Mastering.


Zeta Zeroes
Production, Songwriting, Lyrics, Guitar, Bass, Vocals, Drum Programming, Percussion, Mixing

Eric Hochwald of Moon Machine

Jack Control of Enormous Door

Uria Mader
Drum Intro (track 2)

The Escape Goats
Outro (track 4)

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